About Our Farm

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Our Milking Parlor

406 Dairy (Montana Raw Milk) was designed from the ground up to be a raw milk facility. Every decision was made with the thought of our cows’ comfort and cleanliness in mind. Our barn has more space per cow than conventional milking parlors. We have gone back to the traditional herringbone style stall; this is the most natural position for cows to be milked and contributes to creating the cleanest possible product.

Where The Magic Happens

The milking parlor is where the magic happens. The cows come into the parlor twice per day. Our parlor was thoughtfully designed with many features that make it easy to milk the correct way. We have our hot water set to 150 degrees to clean our equipment in the parlor. The wastewater is taken out of the parlor by a floor drain that leads out into our drain field. All the sanitary supplies are lined up and easy to identify. The beautiful concrete pad has grooves in it so that the cows don’t slip on it. It is also graded so that the water drains fully out of the parlor, with no puddling.

Our Cooling Process

Cooling milk to the proper temperature in the accurate about of time is one of the most important steps in milking raw milk for human consumption. We currently have a 90-gallon commercial FDA Approved cooling tank that we filter and cool milk with immediately during milking. Our milk goes from 95 degrees to 34 degrees within 20 minutes of reaching our cooling tank. This ensures long shelf life and high-quality raw milk. The tank stirs the milk every 10 minutes to ensure the cream is evenly mixed. The cooling tank is completely drained and sanitized after every 4th milking (every 2 days) at minimum. After milk is cooled, tested and cleared safe we jug and store in our commercial Artic stainless steel side by side all fridge that maintains a temperature of 34 degrees and has a digital reading until delivery day. 


Our family loves 406 Dairy!! We buy raw milk and eggs weekly and we’re healthier for it!! We use it to make delish recipes for our family and friends, our daughters acne cleared up once we ditched commercial milk and switch to raw milk, and we also use it to make homemade formula for our 7month old now and he’s thriving!! We love their products and the whole 406 Dairy Team!!
-Pamela Sampson
After living in a raw milk desert, forever, now ordering amazing dairy online is a dream come true! Also our kids LOVE the milk!
-Kaelin Snow
We love 406 Dairy! The milk tastes AMAZING & the convenience of drop,off locations can’t be beat! I love the peace of mind we have buying QUALITY nutrition for our family while also supporting local farmers. A win-win for us!
-Kali Boone
I first encountered 406 Dairy at the Lindley Park Farmers Market. I was stoked that Montana's government came to their senses and legalized one of the most healthful foods around. No more "herd share". 406 Dairy makes it easy to purchase this tasty beverage, and yummy eggs whose yolks literally "stand up" in the frying pan and make your omelet deep yellow/orange. That's a sign of healthy free ranging chickens. Try their cream, it's to die for! Another plus is they use A2 milking cows, which provide a healthier, more digestible milk. Bravo to the gang at 406 Dairy. Highly recommended.
The eggs and milk are excellent quality and the butter is delicious! They are always easy to work with and flexible to meet for pick up.
-Alyssa Savko
I’m so happy I found 406 Dairy! As a mom it makes my heart happy to be able to provide my family with the freshest, best tasting dairy products that are produced right here where we live! Thank you for that!
-Jennifer Green
406 Raw Milk is SAFE and delicious. Great customer service, very convenient pick up locations and times and most of all we have never had concerns about safety as that is a top priority for this family business. Definitely recommend trying this raw milk!
-Holliday Bridge
We absolutely love 406 Dairy. We introduced dairy and eggs back in our diet 7 months ago and we are so glad we have a local farm to support! The raw milk is always consistent in taste and flavor. And our bellies are happy with the nutrients that raw milk provides. The eggs are a family favorite. My kids won’t eat store bought eggs after consistently eating the fresh eggs from 406 Dairy. Thank you to the team behind the farm to help bring raw dairy to Bozeman! We appreciate you guys!
-Anonymous Happy Customer
We've been customers since November. 406 Dairy is producing high quality, safe, delicious dairy products. So thankful to have a thoughtful, responsible, responsive raw dairy business to support!
-Sam B
Ive been with Ashlee @406 Dairy from Aug last year. The milk is wonderful and so are the eggs. I live on the same mountain she does and they deliver to my door. Perks of being so close. No stomach issues whatsoever even though I am now lactose intolerant!
Patricia Coddington
Hands down, the best milk and customer service.
-Slim & Jamie Eoff
Excellent products and great customer service! THANK YOU!!
Cindy Dean
Montana Raw Milk is amazing! I make baby formula with and my baby has never had any stomach issues at all. She love it, and knowing the nutritional benefits of feeding her a raw milk formula, I’m thankful Montana Raw Milk has given me that opportunity!
-Annelisa Jacobsen
For years I have been hoping to find a source for raw milk. I am so grateful to have found Montana Raw Milk! It has a very pure taste and is absolutely delicious. AshLee and her team provide excellent customer service every single week. If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate to try this wonderful milk—and all the other products offered by this sweet local farm.
-Sarha Cole