Our Farm's Story

We are a Raw Milk Dairy located in Livingston,Montana, a local family operation that specializes in providing all-natural non-GMO products from our family to yours! We strive to produce for our customers what we ourselves enjoy on a daily basis...Raw Cow Milk and more! Get our freshest and most delicious products for a fair price.


"We love this mike. It is always super clean! We love the amount of cream we get off each gallon. This milk is perfect for making your own yogurt, cheese, and baking. We make our own butter with the cream (we also love it in our coffee.) AshLee and Chris are always accommodating for how many gallons we take and have allowed us to up our milk purchase. We love supporting this small family farm!"

-Amber Price

"I am so glad to be able to again have access to your wonderful Raw Milk. It is always so fresh and delicious! I have also been eating the eggs you have for well over a year and there is nothing else like them, THE BEST, Thank you AshLee, I'm so glad you live in our community."

-Cynthia Huber

"Love your milk, picked up two gallons today and not only a few hours later was a half gallon gone haha! I might need to pick up biweekly, it's so rich and creamy and fresh, thank you!"

-Cat White

"It was delicious, Best Milk I ever tasted."