What Are Raw Milk Benefits?

What Are Raw Milk Benefits?

There are many raw milk benefits over pasteurized and homogenized milk. Raw milk is milk as it comes out of the mammal that produced it. We machine milk our cows. Immediately after milking, the raw milk goes through a filter and cools to below 40 degrees. We then bottle it without pasteurization. There are many benefits to NOT heating the milk. The proteins and enzymes are whole and active. They are undamaged. We do NOT homogenize the milk. Homogenization is a process whereby milk is forced through a mechanical screen with pressure to re-shape the fat globules. Homogenized milk does NOT have cream at the top. Our milk always has cream at the top. You can mix it back in by shaking the jug each serving.

What makes raw milk worth it? Here are the top 5 reasons to drink raw milk.

  1. Raw milk provides superior nutrition.
  2. Raw milk has numerous health benefits.
  3. Raw milk is better for animal health.
  4. Raw milk is delicious.
  5. Raw milk supports local farmers instead of large corporations and milk processors.

#1 Raw Milk Provides Superior Nutrition

Because raw milk is a whole food in its natural form, it provides much more nutrition than pasteurized milk. Check out this milk comparison chart (courtesy of Organic Pastures Dairy).

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